Genius Hour Final Attempt

Attempt One


This is a screenshot of my first atttempt. When I first started coding, I was not very proficient at it. I had to research alot and learn more about. After that, I finally tried to do my attempt one. It wasn't bad, if only if it didn't have a lot of errors. It took a lot of retries until I was finally satisfied with my attempt one.

Attempt Two


This is a screenshot of mine and Turtle's second atttempt. Doing the second attempt was easy. I only had to type html and css codes for a sign-up form and the history of BTS and the rest was up to my partner.

Attempt Three


This is a screenshot of my third atttempt. Doing attempt three was a lot of work. I had to experiment on a lot of websites to see if my codes worked. It took 5 days to experiment and 3 full days to design the website and tyoe the codes. Plus, this time, it wasn't only html and css. I also had to type javascript codes, which is the most complicated among the three programming languages. However, even though it was hard and kind of frustrating, it was still fun for me. Specially, when you see a good result.